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Caster Segment Clamping Cylinder Upgrade

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An electric arc furnace steel processor was experiencing hydraulic cylinder failure on the segment clamp circuit. New cylinders were failing in 3-8 weeks.


  • An exhaustive study of the application was done. Including all component specifications.
    • Two inherent design flaws were identified.
  • The equipment was observed in operation and production and maintenance personnel were consulted as correct operation sequence functions were determined.
  • A course of action which included:
    • Identification of failed components
    • Redesign of the rod bearing gland.
      • Increase load bearing area.
      • Material change.
      • Redesigned seal cavity dimensions and configuration.
    • Changed seal material.
    • Installed hi-temp Kevlar rod boot.


  • Cylinders are now being remanufactured when the entire segment is removed for planned maintenance.