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Improved Cylinder Duty Cycle

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A coke plant was spending in excess of $500,000 / year in hydraulic cylinder repair and had been previously trying to reduce repair cost by pursuing vendors with a low cost repair philosophy. The combination of high heat and coke dust created an environment that is one of the most challenging in any industry.


  • As cylinders were brought to us for remanufacture the failure mode was determined.
  • Original design parameters were compared with existing application realities.
  • The equipment was observed in operation and production and maintenance personnel were consulted.
  • Upgrades in materials and design for both seals and hard components were agreed upon and implemented.


  • During our trial period the company noted two things:
    1. Our remanufacture costs were approximately 30% more than previous vendors.
    2. Our remanufactured units were lasting longer. A lot longer.
      • In two instances cylinders that had duty cycles in the 4-6 week range were extended to the 12-16 month range.
  • At the end of the first full year a savings in excess of $250,000 in remanufacture cost alone was realized. When the removal and replacement costs and down time costs were considered the savings were significantly higher.