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Security Gate System Retrofit

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A newly installed (by manufacturer) hydraulic security gate system (7 gate locations) was experiencing repeated failures (2-3 day duty cycle), creating terrible traffic backups. The manufacturer’s and the customer’s relationship was terminated. The customer was left with a multimillion dollar system that was not dependable and the existing bill of materials contained substitute part numbers that made component procurement very difficult and very expensive.


  • An exhaustive study of the application was done. Including all component specifications.
  • The equipment was observed in operation and production and maintenance personnel were consulted as correct operation sequence functions were determined.
  • A course of action which included:
    • Identification of failed components
    • Upgrade in filtration
    • Upgrade of hydraulic cylinders.
    • Circuit redesign.
    • Creation of a complete hydraulic schematic, including a bill of material containing full manufacturer information and complete model codes.
  • Maintenance and production personnel were trained in the function, proper maintenance and troubleshooting procedures of all components.


  • Duty cycle was increased to over 2 years.
  • Potential component replacement costs were reduced by over 60%.