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Environmental Statement

IRG recognizes the impact that its business activities and products have on its employees, stakeholders, the public and the environment and will:

  • Comply with environmental legislation by developing and adopting standards and processes based on best practice
  • Develop and maintain the awareness and competence of its employees in order to adequately address environmental issues
  • Demonstrate a positive commitment to the systematic avoidance, reduction and elimination of environmental risks, consistent with sound business practices and procedures
  • Continually measure, monitor and improve performance in waste management
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Hydraulic Bulk Material Conveyor


IRG's environmental policy will cover all aspects relating to:

  • The minimization of waste, effluents and emissions
  • The reduction of material and water usage
  • Optimization of energy usage and effective energy management
  • The utilization of the "Product Life Cycle Analysis" model to determine the environmental impact of raw materials, product use and disposal
  • Implementation of environmental emergency contingency plans
Hydraulic Bulk Material Conveyor