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Quality at IRG

We are driven by a proactive system of continuous improvement through focused monthly Review Meetings which encompasses the strategic direction of the business and all operational issues underpinning this strategy.

The philosophy and culture of Quality Assurance plays a major roll at IRG. Senior management and employees together are committed to meeting and exceeding customer expectations through service and delivery performance.

IRG continually aims for:

  • Zero defects in manufacturing by building quality and reliability into its products through excellence in design and specification.
  • Zero returns through its distribution activity by marketing and supplying quality products and having an operational team to ensure we deliver the right goods on time, every time.

As a group we have a wealth of experience that is channeled to provide a quality service that we are proud of. This coupled with a continual drive for improvement means that IRG aims to be the best in its industry with the ultimate goal of providing total customer satisfaction.

IRG Quality Policy

To consistently provide quality products and services that meet and exceed customer requirements and to continually improve the effectiveness of our quality management system with the aim of enhancing customer satisfaction.