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Vincent J. Naccarato, CFPS

Mr. Naccarato began his career in the fluid power industry in the early 80's learning the business as operations management, sales management and technical applications. In the 90's Mr. Naccarato left a position of North American Service Group Sales & Marketing Manager of a major hydraulic distribution and service company to begin the business entity that is now Industrial Resource Group.

He is a Certified Fluid Power Specialist that attributes his success to a strong work ethic and an intellectual curiosity that is continuously whetted by the demands of the industry. He has garnered a reputation for the relentless pursuit of high value solutions to challenging situations.

Mr. Naccarato is a member of The Fluid Power Society and Mensa. When not involved with the day to day operations of the company; he enjoys time with his family, playing an awful game of golf and reading about small particle physics.

Samantha "Sam" Regnier
Executive Manager

For being such a young person, Sam brings a wealth of experience to IRG. She started working for a national retailer in high school and worked her way up from cashier to human resource specialist and then upper management (opening two new stores). While attending college to complete her degree (BA Human Resources, Minor Business Administration) she accepted the position of Assistant Store Manager with another retailer and continued to develop her decision making and organizational skills.

Sam has brought her understanding of outstanding customer service and has applied it both externally and internally, creating a friendly, efficient and accurate administrative system. She has also rapidly accumulated a basic understanding of industry terminology and components as she has worked to bridge the transition from retail to heavy industry. Sam is always in "hyper-drive" and sets the standard in the office for exceeding expectations.

When Sam isn't applying the final touches to her new home or perfecting her Muay Thai kick-boxing skills, she indulges herself in baseball and football with the Chicago White Sox and Bears.

Robert Chapin
Journeyman Machinist

Mr. Chapin began his career as a machinist and graduated from a 4 year apprenticeship program that included the study of metallurgical properties and mechanical principals. Experience on every industry common metal working machine while creating high value components for world class companies has provided him with a perspective that is invaluable.

He was personally responsible for the development of a scrap lifting magnet design that virtually eliminated mechanical failure and reduced the frequency of repair by over 400%, while costing less than existing manufactured product. Making components for an international race team and creating dies valued at over one million dollars has given Mr. Chapin an understanding of performance and precision that is reflected in his work on a daily basis. He has gained a reputation in the industry for uncompromising quality and creative, high value solutions.

Mr. Chapin enjoys his family and grandchildren, likes to hunt with both bow and gun and occasionally finds time to play golf.